Writers Lock-in September 30 2014, 0 Comments

Following a glorious summer, a garden full of colours and flowers. Warmth and an abundance of inspiration and I have to say distraction, I feel myself wanting to share some of the progress I have made since my last blog in which I reflected on the crazy highs and lows of the first year in business. 

However having had complete writers block for the last year, mainly due to a crazy brain, endlessly overflowing with inspiration for designs .....Most frustratingly at 3 am the "light bulb moment" I now find myself sitting in a writers lock-in to focus my attention.....not a wire in sight. (sigh) just indulgent biscuits, coffee and the company of a few other creative ladies.

One of the biggest things I have learnt to date is to recognise the areas of the business that I procrastinate over.... and over....and over! How many of us do that? I will do it tomorrow, next week .......whoops it's next year!

So today is the day I’m going to introduce you to one of the amazing people I have met on my fascinating journey and the reason I am 'locked -in' today. 

Following on from this over the next few weeks I will introduce you to some other wonderfully creative people that have helped my journey this year.

I'm sure most artistic people would agree the one thing that comes easily is the designing and the creating. I can happily spend 12 hours in my workshop, oblivious to everything, usually only moving when the cat leaps on me to remind me she needs feeding. The fridge is empty, the house untidy, messages on the phone mount up along with the washing and ironing pile. All the while I’m happy in my own world oblivious to all but the house collapsing.

I met Claire at 'Mumpreneurs' and felt an instant connection, although young enough to be my daughter she had the positive bubbly confident personality and the edginess to connect with my style. And had grown up in the social media, online world unlike myself......a dinosaur in comparison

Claire is a coach, radio presenter, blogger, mother, and wife and above all has a great voice and way with words.

I had created some amazing designs that had every bit of my heart and soul poured into them but no way of expressing that on my website.

So the 'marriage' was formed, I enlisted Claire's help, sent her scant ramblings of how my designs were inspired, the countries that influenced them, the names of the goddesses and stones I had chosen for them

Claire, I'm sure is a witch - of the 'best kind' as she certainly possessed the power to get inside my head, writing the most powerful, beautiful descriptions for each goddess design, invoking all the feelings I knew I had locked inside but couldn't put in words. 

It was more than emotional reading about my own products and I have to say bought a tear to my eye. 

So here I am at the writers lock in, making a positive step towards unlocking my own thoughts and getting them down. With the help of Claire Bradford from www.straightforwardcoaching.com

on my next blog I will share my journey that led to the great images on my website.