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Hello and a massive, huge welcome to you. I can honestly say I never thought this day would finally come!! After a few hundred hours of tearing my hair out, chopping and changing my mind, drinking a lot of coffee and subsequently getting a lot of headaches I finally have a website of sorts.

Anyone who knows me will have followed the last few months incredible journey. This went from making the monumental decision in August 2012 to leave a lifetime of nursing, to rapidly setting up a workshop at home, equipping myself with every colour of wire imaginable and letting my imagination run riot.

At the same time my husband began the painful task of phoning every local craft show and fair to beg and plead our way in. At such a late stage most were fully booked and those that weren't said 'no more jewellery' a line we became so familiar with. However refusing to take no for an answer he switched on his Aussie charm and soon I was out at a fair every weekend. The first event on Sept 8th was a disaster, not one person came as it was so badly organised!! But it gave me the opportunity to practice my table layout and meet other crafter's who happily shared advice and tips. 

The biggest event was Ardingly Autumn Game Show with 15,000 footfall over the weekend. Torrential rain and freezing temps added to the atmosphere but against the odds it proved highly successful and we met some wonderful people.

The main focus for 2013 is to concentrate on design, quality and customer service as well as attend selective shows and fairs. One thing is for sure, it will be a roller coaster ride and I would love you to share it. Stay tuned!