Knitted Wire Brooches January 09 2013, 0 Comments

Hi my lovely friends,  Its been a crazy 3 days at VMJ HQ with a focus on making a beautiful range of knitted wire brooches for the spring collection. I thought I'd share a bit about these little brooches. 

They are all made with several layers of different types and colours of very fine 0.1mm knitted wire. This wire has to have the edges sealed to prevent it coming undone and there are 6 layers and edges per brooch. I use a special flexible gel to seal the edges so that the wire can still be shaped without any problem.

Once all the edges are sealed I sew the layers together with matching thread and add a brooch back with safety clasp and a central feature bead. Each little brooch takes an hour to complete.

The beauty of them is their flexibility, they can be gently shaped with fingers, being careful not to snag or tear the wire, Being waterproof they are ideal to brighten up winter coats, berets, scarves and jumpers. As they can be made in many fabulous colours they are ideal for mother of the bride outfits, to put on headbands or fascinators. They can be worn as a traditional brooch or have a chain thrreaded through the clasp to form a very striking necklace.