Unexpectedly Wonderful Day January 11 2013, 0 Comments

Wow its been one of those days when nothing has gone to plan but in an exceptionally good way, My plan was to make some handmade  cards to mount the new collection of brooches on and to order my new business cards and banner from Vistaprint. 

I rang Vistaprint to see if they could check the quality of the design before ordering, not only did they check it all they also reduced the price by 50% so one happy Nessie:) and 1500 new business cards, a banner and banner stand on its way.

Then quite out of the blue a shop I supply in Healesville, Australia called the 'Artists Lounge emailed to say they would like every item in my sale album as well as some chokers. So my morning has been spent happily wrapping, itemising, and removing items from website.

Just waiting for the third thing and hoping the lucky streak continues!

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend, we are predicted a cold and possible snowy one but hoping to get to see 'les miserables' at the cinema tomorrow.

Take care, have fun and catch up next week xx