Big Cat Collecton January 25 2013, 0 Comments

I cant believe its Friday already, where do the days go?? 

Guess what? its my birthday tomorrow and I havent got a clue what my hubby has planned, I've resisted all attempts to coax it out of him and decided to go with the flow, agony for someone who doesn't like suprises! and no I'm not telling my age other than too old to have birthdays! but old enough to embarrass my daughters and grandaughter.

You probably have seen my snow leopard necklace, inspired by the massive pile of freezing white stuff that landed on us earlier in the week. Following on the theme I have added the Tiger necklace and bracelet and the Lion necklace and bracelet. My late father was a massive big cat fan so I like to think he would approve.

I also designed a pretty valentines necklace which can be made in any colour combination. I'm not a stereotype red heart for valentine day type of person so this is a fabulous and stylish alternative. Choose your favourite colours, let me know and I'll do the rest.

Have a fabulous weekend, do take time to browse the collections and contact me if you have any questions.