Special Necklace January 28 2013, 0 Comments

 Well my friends I survived the ordeal of being yet another year older and heading towards the big five zero quicker than Usain Bolt on steroids!! hubby took me to a lovely spa for a massage and lunch, then on to the cinema to see 'The Impossible' which was a very emotional end to the day :(

Today I woke on a mission to make my very dear friend a very special set of jewellery to take to Edinburgh at the weekend for her belated 50th. It took most of the day and was nothing like I had originally imagined, My work all seems to flow from my hands and creates itself as I go. I never could just sketch a design and work from that a flaw which caused my tutor much angst when I did my silversmithing course. Working backwards seems to be the way my strange brain is wired.

 I will give you a little preview of the designs I made today but not the special one yet as its under wraps until after the weekend. I am doing matching bracelets and earrings for these little beauties and will pop them on the site tomorrow. Perfect for that complete gift for someone special They have large faceted banded agate, malachite, tigers eye and hand coiled wire. The wire wrapped one is a hand cut and polished Jasper cabochon with Tigers eye.