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Jewellery makes a great gift. However, it isn't a case of one size fits all. Jewellery taste is closely linked to personality – give her jewellery she doesn't like and she will question how well you know her. The solution? Learn to recognise the different jewellery personality types and it will help you find jewellery she'll love.

Women love jewellery. Fact. There's just something about the way it makes us feel that is irresistible. We use it to complete a 'look' whether it be adding a glimpse of personality to a work outfit, a touch of sparkle to a dress or simply making us feel that little bit special day-to-day.

Jewellery makes a great gift. However, it isn't a case of one size fits all. Jewellery taste is closely linked to personality - give her something she doesn't like and she will start analysing how well you really know her. Yes, in principle, the thought does count. She will appreciate being given jewellery, although if you misjudge her taste, she will at best only wear the jewellery for your benefit and at worst bury it deep in a drawer and question what possessed you to buy it in the first place.

The solution? Save yourself a wasted effort and embarassment by learning to recognise the different jewellery personality types and it will guide you in your search.

There are essentially six different jewellery personality types:

1. The Trend Setter: She is an extrovert - effortlessly stylish, confident and outspoken. The Trend Setter wears attention-grabbing jewellery and carries it off so well that others instantly want to copy her look. When buying jewellery for a trend setter, you definitely need to avoid anything potentially last season (or even current). A good tip is to keep an eye on what she's wearing at the moment and if you're in luck, you'll be able to find something equally eye-catching and unique for her from a shop that's ahead of the fashion game.

2. The Fashionista: She is self-confident with a keen eye for fashion, although perhaps a couple of steps behind the Trend Setter. She will be wearing the latest catwalk or high street styles. Unless she donates regularly to charity, your average Fashionista's wardrobe is likely to be overflowing with discarded clothes and costume jewellery from previous seasons. Buying jewellery for a Fashionista is relatively easy. Find out what's in at the moment (from fashion magazines or simply what everyone's wearing) and you're on to a winner.

3. The Chameleon: Less obvious to spot than the Fashionista, the Chameleon has hidden depths. She picks and chooses which trends to follow. What is interesting about this personality is that she likes a variety of different styles and will mix and match to suit the occasion or her mood. You can spot a Chameleon if she keeps certain items of her wardrobe for best, accessorizes well and can carry off a number of different looks.There is a lot of scope when buying jewellery for a Chameleon. You just need to think of fitting occasions when she can wear it and potentially match it up with her existing accessories. For instance, think glamourous for night, simple and practical for day, colourful for summer and so on.

4. The Conservative: She has traditional values and classic style. The Conservative doesn't follow fashion trends as such and prefers quality over quantity. Unlike the Fashionista, she will have a small jewellery collection made up of expensive pieces. To make a Conservative happy, you should opt for classic designs and gold, silver or pearls.

5. The Girl-Next-Door: The epitome of understated feminine charm, the Girl-Next-Door is natural and friendly. She knows her own style and sticks to it. When buying jewellery for her, be sure to make it personal - pay attention to her individual style and choose something feminine that reflects this. Her preferences for long or short necklaces, feminine hearts or butterflies and her favourite colours are worth considering. For example, if she likes ethnic or earthy jewellery, think about getting her some eco-friendly wooden jewellery.

6. The Tomboy: Perhaps the least likely to wear jewellery, the Tomboy is fun, easy-going and often sporty. Day-to-day she doesn't spend a lot of time into her appearance preferring practicality over style. She will dress up for special occasions, but without making too much fuss. If you are buying jewellery for a Tomboy, steer clear of overtly feminine designs or anything that is too bling. Practical necklaces, bracelets and earrings are best. Again, sneak a peak at her existing jewellery collection for further guidance on her taste for colours and designs.

Once you know what jewellery personality type she is, you will have a better idea of jewellery designs she will love and those that should definitely be avoided. If you're still finding it difficult, you can always ask one of her friends or relatives for help narrowing it down.