Hot new Monochrome Coiled Wire Jewellery February 19 2013, 1 Comment


Hi folks, Wow what a busy couple of weeks, Valentine day followed by hubbys birthday at the weekend, all such lovley things :)) but its back to reality again at VMJ HQ after all the eating and drinking! and time to lose a few extra pounds that have krept up on me !

This week I thought I'd work on this seasons Monochrome theme although I'm a much more of a colour girl at heart, I do think the monochrome is very stylish and although the fashion world seem to see it only in black and white it really means shades of the same colour, so can be open to interpretation. The stones are one off pieces and cannot be remade

I took hubby to 'The Ivy' for his birthday and while I was in the Neals Yard Covent garden area managed to find some gorgeous new stones and beads to work with including the dalmation jasper. The fossilised wood came from a specialised fossil shop in Edinburgh and the tigers eye from Canada. I have used the new technique of using two or even three strands of toning wire to coil producing a rich and stiking effect that compliments the stones well. The stones themselves are features and will draw attention to any outfit. Check them out on the new design collection