Where is spring ? April 11 2013, 0 Comments

Hi all, it's supposed to be spring but as yet no sign of that round yellow ball that makes us all feel so much happier. It's been a fairly quiet time here, just getting into the swing of the weekend and weekday fairs, last weekend was a great little fair at the Arts Heritage Centre in Havant apparently it was 'quiet' but I sold a fair amount which was a nice little surprise. This week I've been at Highdown Vineyard which is very local but has been very quiet, it seems to be like that in most places, maybe the poor weather? I have changed the way I view the fairs and treat them as a day out with friends to have a chat and network. On the production and design front it's been an interesting and exciting time. I'm getting to grips with the art of polymer clay so at I can used mixed media in my work, I'm concentrating on form and texture, (not beads) to make organic shapes that can be incorporated with wire and gems to make totally unique pieces of jewellery. This is still in the experimental and testing phase and the new line won't be ready for a few months yet but it's fair to say its looking promising and I can't keep my hands of it! At the moment the wacky wire necklace is still the best selling piece and bright green the top colour, it seems to suit everyone any colour age or size and such fun to bend it to any shape you like. Also selling very well are the monochrome designs these can have black jet crystal, white mosaic turquoise, or snow agate. I have left a few of the sold out pieces on the website as they can be ordered if desired and will be made similar but not guaranteed to be exactly the same as its dependant on stones available. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break Best wishes Vanessa