Organic Polymer Designs June 18 2013, 0 Comments

Big News, I'm delighted to have been accepted as an exhibitor in the newcomers gallery of the BCTF in Harrogate next April. I will be taking the polymer designs and am working on a range of organic shapes in fire, water colours as well as the orchid, rose range. A lot of hard work and preparation ahead.

This last month has just flown by, I cant believe its the middle of June and still not much sign of summer. The house is as usual a chaotic tip, my workshop seems to migrate of its own accord and has taken residence in the kitchen, sun-room and lounge, even the cat dispairs of finding a spot to curl up. I have a lovely new beach hut blue shed which may end up being the family home when my clutter takes over entirely.

Stansted Gardens was a huge success, a brilliantly organised show near Chichester which has been going for 19 years and attracts a loyal following of customers. I virtually sold out which was amazing but its now a crazy catch up sorting out the website and restocking.

My favourite place is in my workshop, with my Degus and the TV, the hours disappear and I can easily go all day with no thought of eating, great for the diet I hear you say...... trouble is i play catch up in the evening.

the garden is in bloom so lots of colour and floral inspiration, The Polymer orchids sold out and the roses are going well and can be made in any colour, several have been sold for wedding outfits.

Im playing with lovely new fluid, organic shapes at the moment and a few aboriginal art designs so do keep your eye on the website.