Gold Mirage Pendant


If gold is your favorite colour, you radiate charisma, personality and individuality, making others feel relaxed and valued in your company.

You are a loving and compassionate person who shows great personal warmth to all you meet - others feel empowered when in your presence.

With your magnetism and your positive outlook on life, you draw people to you who aspire to your level of success.

This beautiful mystic pendant is made by weaving 14ct Gold filled wire around an Australian crystal with a slither of titanium giving it a turquoise iridescence which has a beautiful glow emanating from its core.

the dainty pendant measures 4x3 at is widest point and is presented with an 18" 14ct gold filled chain in a luxury velvet pouch just ready to give as a gift.

Gold filled wire has 100 times the thickness of gold compared to gold plating. it is considered the next best thing to solid gold and will last many years without losing its colour or tarnishing. It is expected to last 10-30 years depending on wear and conditions its kept in.

Gold is associated with illumination, love, compassion, wealth and prosperity. As well as glitz and glamour.

Each of my gemstone pendants are unique, one off designs, I free form the weave around the stone allowing the stone itself to dictate the finished piece. 

If you prefer a 16" chain just drop me a message in the comment box as you checkout.

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