Goddess Asteria


The Titan Asteria, Goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars, lends her name to this stunning deep blue and vintage bronze design.

Asteria is inspired by clear starry nights, in particular one I witnessed from the beach on the island of Ortygia, Sicily, in 2003. It was a fresh night with an indigo sky, just a sliver of bright moon and what seemed to me to be a rare glimpse into heaven itself.

Blue Agate, known for its balancing and strengthening properties, seemed to be a perfect choice to reflect the colours, depth and complexity of that balmy beach evening. A beautiful cube of this very special stone is handwoven into an intricate pendant and complemented with a matching wire weave necklace. It is finished with a Copper T clasp.

The bewitching Asteria bracelet also features blue sandstone, a stone which sparkles against a deep blue backdrop like the night sky and which is the perfect companion to lighter blue agate. It is finished with a magnetic copper clasp for ease of use.

The delicate matching earrings are finished with Niobium ear wires, which are nickel free and hypoallergenic.

Due to the unique nature of handmade products, every piece will be slightly different meaning yours will be totally exclusive to you.

I take great pride in ensuring my designs are of a very high quality and as beautiful on the reverse as the front. Like many of my designs, the Asteria necklace can be worn either way for a different effect. 

All orders are sent in a luxury cream bespoke gift box with black velvet inset, made and printed in Sussex. Postage within UK is free for orders over £100.

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