Goddess Gaia


In Greek mythology, Gaia was the great mother of all and creator of the Universe. Regaled as the spiritual embodiment of Earth itself, she was the original Mother Nature.

On safari in Africa, I was overwhelmed by the sheer heart-stopping beauty of the vast plains, the majesty of the big cats, the serenity of the elephants and giraffes, and the sudden brutality of the lifecycle keeping everything in perfect balance. I felt I had looked Gaia in the eyes, and was inspired to design this jewellery in her honour.

Gaia is, fittingly, an organic design. Intricate rose gold and bronze wire weave invoke the colours of the African landscape at sunset and cradle rare etched agate stones, reminiscent of the patterns in the earth.

Agate shares many of Gaia’s qualities, being prized for giving balance and inner strength to the wearer.

The necklace is finished with a Sterling silver safety clasp and extension chain, the bracelet is finished with a magnetic clasp for ease of use and the matching earrings are finished with Sterling silver wires.

Due to the unique nature of handmade products every piece will be slightly different meaning yours will be totally exclusive to you.

I take great pride in ensuring my designs are of a very high quality and as beautiful on the reverse as the front. Many can be worn either way for a different effect. 

All orders are sent in a luxury cream bespoke gift box with black velvet inset, made and printed in Sussex. Postage within UK is free for orders over £100.

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