Goddess Parvati


Consort to Shiva (the destroyer)  she is the base of all powers in the world (Hinduism)

Parvati is a stunning design using exceptionally beautiful and rare weathered Agate, in irregular shapes, highly polished on the front and back and with an unpolished edge approx 6 x4 cm

I wove this intricate design using black, bronze and slate coloured wire and finished it with a high quality sterling silver safety clasp. 

The matching bracelet is made with a large round weathered Agate and beautiful wavy Haematite and finished with a strong magnetic clasp for ease.

The earrings have matching Agate and are finished with sterling silver wires. 

Agate is a great protective stone, it balances physical, emotional and intellectual bodies. stimulates perception, strengthens sight and promotes fidelity. 

this really is a stunning and unique evening piece of jewellery. please note each piece of Agate is a slightly different shape. Please request 16,17,18,19" for the necklace and let me have your exact wrist measurement for the bracelet in the notes as you place order, I can ensure a perfect fit.

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